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Swann Morton handles.

Used for surgical procedures but are very popular with craft and hobby enthusiasts due in part to the range of blades in various shapes and sizes so suit most crafts, be it cardmaking, cutting out card, plastics ect, scrapbooking or photography and mounting work.
We stock the three most popular handles which are, the two sizes of standard stainless steel handles with a handy measure graduation to one side. The No.3 handle and the No.4 handle.
Also the retractaway handle which offers extra safety with a retractable blade mechanism. The knife is popular with model makers, graphic artists and designers. The blue handle is the premium version of the retractaway as features a more durable stainless steel bayanet providing the user with additional lateral strengthened longevity of use. 
The No. 3 handles holds blade numbers 10 to 19, whilst the No. 4 handle holds the larger size blades from numbers 20 upwards.
Please note the retractaway handle we carry in stock is suitable for holding the smaller blades (No. 10 to No. 19) only

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