Puly Caff Coffee Machine Rubber Blanking Disc 49MM for Backflushing Espresso Machines


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Rubber blanking disc for backflushing commercial espresso machines.

This rubber backflush blanking cleaning disc fits inside your group handle filter basket, blocking the holes enabling you to backflush your equipment.

Rubber Blanking Backflush Disc is the perfect accessory for baristas everywhere.

Rubber Blanking Backflush Discs are an essential tool for effectively backflushing your equipment.

The Rubber Blanking Backflush Disc is also an ideal accessory for hotels, cafes and restaurants.

A cheaper alternative to the standard stainless steel blanking discs

Includes lifting knob for easy removal

Durable Rubber Backflush Cleaning Disc

50mm Diameter

Colour: Black



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