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Top Features
  • No searching: most important diameters are pre-sorted.
  • Transparent cover: Overview at a glance.
  • High-quality assortment box for refilling.

The fischer UX/SX assortment box contains, pre-sorted, 60 expansion plugs SX 6 x 30, 50 expansion plugs SX 8 x 40, 20 expansion plugs SX 10 x 50, as well as 60 universal fixings UX 5 x 30 R, 40 universal fixings UX 6 x 50 R, 50 universal fixings 8 x 50 R, and 10 universal fixings UX 10 x 60 R. The fischer UX/SX assortment box, which is made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic, is ideal for workshops and construction sites. The transparent lid gives an overview of the contents at a glance. The assortment box can be securely closed and can also be refilled with plugs.
  • The universal operating principle (knotting or expanding) allows for use in all solid, hollow and board building materials. Thus the UX is the correct choice for unknown base materials.
  • The UX's angled connection ridges allow for optimum screw guidance. Serrated anti-rotation locks prevent rotation in the drill hole. This guarantees the greatest possible installation safety.
  • The 4-way expansion of the SX provides the optimum force distribution in the material, and offers high load-bearing capacities in solid and hollow building materials.
  • The expansion-free plug neck of the SX prevents the creation of expansion forces on the material surface whilst screwing in the screw. This helps to prevent damage to tiles and plaster.

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