Electrical Mains Phase Voltage Tester For Live Circuit Flat Screwdriver AC 100-500V Neon 5.5" 14cm


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Tests current and voltage continuity in circuit

Useful for small electrical repairs and tests

Electrical Tester is a simple solution to test current and voltage continuity in any circuit.

Has an insulated and transparent plastic casing with a metal cap at one end.

The other end has a tester screwdriver. Useful for small electrical repairs and tests.

A small bulb embedded in the plastic casing lights up when the tester screwdriver comes in contact of a 'live' connection while the user is touching the casing cap with a finger.

High quality voltage / circuit tester with slotted blade

Fully insulated for assured safety

Measures from 100V right up to 500V AC

Nickel plated spring steel pocket clip

Perfect companion for your toolbox, buy yours now!

Product Specification:
Type: Electric tester
Dimension: 140 mm x 56 mm
Measuring Range: 100 - 500 V
Display Type: Light only



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