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Button-fix Type 3

Our new push-on/pull-off mount for wall and ceiling panels

Simply connects parallel panels, including panels with no clearance at the side. It can be surface-mounted or semi-recessed into the panel and its installation depth matches the Type 1 Button-fix, allowing the two fasteners to be used to hang adjacent panels.

The Fix housing is moulded from PBT and the Button is acetal - both strong and durable engineering polymers. As a general guide, four Button-fix Type 3 fasteners on a vertical panel will support loads weighing up to a maximum of 60kg (132 lbs), provided that the screws and substrate are properly matched and all other installation instructions are complied with. Four Type 3 Button-fixes can also support a ceiling panel of up to 10kg (22 lbs). Manufactured in the UK.

Using Button-fix Type 3

Many applications of Type 3 are the same as the versatile Type 1 Button-fix, but where a push-on/pull-off engagement is required. Type 3 Button-fix is ideal for:

  • Wall and lightweight ceiling panels
  • Boat interiors with irregular-shaped panels
  • Acoustic panels including acoustic felt panels
  • Upholstered panels, bed headboards and banquette seating
  • Panels at the end-of-run or in tight corners on a Button-fix Type 1 installation, where sliding engagement is not possible



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